Eco-initiative “'Save Nature'”

The eco-campaign "Save Nature", organised at the initiative of ProCredit Bank employees, successfully carried out conservation activities – at Strumica (the Lake Vodoca dam), Tetovo (Mt. Shara), Ohrid (city beach) and the quay on the River Vardar. At each location, ProCredit staff together with local public companies that supplied machinery - excavators, trucks, lawnmowers, broomer machines, blowers, etc. – in order to clear the sites from waste. By the end of the campaign, more than 1,000 bags had been filled with waste.

Eco Action – Re-introducing fish to Lake Dojran

ProCredit Bank and its employees actively contributed to the enrichment of the fauna of Lake Dojran, hit by the catastrophic extinction of animal species and destruction of the aquatic flora. This activity included re-stocking the lake’s fish population by releasing small carp. The re-introduction of fish resulted in more than 100 tonnes of new fish.
In order to support tourism the city of Dojran, in 2009, ProCredit Bank donated sign posts, maps of the city and benches.

Eco Action - Cleaning and installing benches and waste bins along the Matka locality

The purpose of this eco action was to remove litter and trim dry branches along the Matka Canyon. In addition, seven tables and 15 waste bins were installed in order to preserve the beauty and tidiness of the area. ProCredit Bank employees, the City of Skopje and “Parks and Greenery” and citizen volunteers actively took part in this eco-activity, which contributed to a cleaner and healthier environment.  

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