Our international payments system allows you to quickly and securely transfer funds abroad. ProCredit Bank offers two options for international payments.
ProPay international transfers 

What payments can I process through ProCredit’s ProPay system?

If you need to accept and send assets from/to a person who is as well a user of an account in any ProCredit bank in the region, the transfer is being realized in the fastest and cheapest way possible.
These are the countries in the ProPay system of payments: Germany, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania,Greece

How long does ProPay take?

Within a day.

How much does ProPay cost?

No fee for ProPay foreign currency inflows.
Enjoy in most convinient prices for payments processed through e-banking, according ProCredit Bank’s official price list

International payments between non-ProCredit foreign banks

Between which banks can I transfer funds?

ProCredit Bank performs incoming and outgoing payments between all banks throughout the world.
If you need to send money abroad, or pay remittances, all you need to do is provide ProCredit Bank with the payment instructions.
If you are expecting an inflow of funds from abroad, you must complete and forward to the sender of the funds the following instructions for foreign exchange inflows..

How much does the service cost?

A fixed fee is charged for this service according to ProCredit Bank’s official price list.
  • EUR 61.35 61.4945 61.80
  • USD 51.90 53.1132 53.90
  • CHF 52.05 53.3020 54.65
  • GBP 68.85 69.9755 71.25
  • CNY 6.35 8.2044 8.35