MasterCard Secure Code is a program developed for safe online shopping using ProCredit Bank MasterCard cards and in accordance with the 3-D Secure global standard. When making a purchase you confirm your identity to the bank by using the personal password or iPIN, which functions like a PIN at an ATM. The entry and verification of the iPIN/password is done exclusively between you and the bank; the online shop has no access to the information that you exchange.
In this way, you are the only one who can use the payment card at online shops that support payments with MasterCard Secure Code

How does the MasterCard Secure Code program work?
The MasterCard Secure Code service is only offered by online stores that participate in the MasterCard Secure Code program. The shopping process is identical with that of other online retailers; the only difference is that MasterCard Secure Code vendors perform the user authentication when confirming the purchase.

What are the main advantages of MasterCard Secure Code?
• No special hardware or software required - only an Internet connection
• Improved security measures to prevent improper online use or card fraud by unauthorised third parties
• Secure transfer of payment information while shopping online
• Increased control over the authorisation of payments
• IPIN (Internet Personal Identification Number) accessible only to the cardholder
• Transactions on sites that accept payments via Verified by Visa can only be authorised by the cardholder
• Merchant does not have access to security information required for payment authorisation

How do I sign up for the MasterCard Secure Code service?
If you already have MasterCard from ProCredit Bank, Macedonia you are already enrolled to use MasterCard Secure Code, and no additional registration is needed.
How do I use MasterCard Secure Code?
1. Select the products or services that you wish to purchase online and select payment by card.
2. On the merchant’s payments page, enter the required information and confirm the payment.
3.  A window will then appear with the transaction data and you will be prompted to enter the unique password that you’ve just received via SMS.
4.  After the transaction details and the password have been verified, click the “Submit” button to complete the transaction.

Important password information:
• If you did not insert in time the password received via SMS, you have the possibility to request a new one by pressing the button “Resend dynamic password”.

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