Saving with a savings account


What are the benefits of ProCredit Bank’s savings on demand service?

  • The best interest rate on the market for a savings on demand account - a safe place for your savings
  • The option to withdraw from your savings account from an ATM whenever you need to, and still earn interest on the remaining amount
  • Make deposit whenever you want, without visiting the branch, by using our online banking system or by activating an automatic standing order from you transaction account

First withdrawal in the month from your Saving Account on ATMs is free of charge. Each subsequent withdrawal has fixed fee from 30 MKD/ 0,5 EUR.

 Interest rate


Interest payment

Annually, at the end of the year

Minimum amount for calculation of interest

MKD 30,000/EUR 500

            For interest rates for savings in other currencies, please see our pricelist.

Opening a savings account at ProCredit Bank

Bring a valid form of identification (your ID card or passport) to any branch of ProCredit Bank (see map of ProCredit Bank branches)

We also recommend 

  • Activate a standing order to make regular contributions to your savings account. This makes saving easier and more secure.
  • Manage your savings from your transaction account with our online banking system.
  • Ask to link your debit card with your savings account so that you can access your savings from an ATM.
The majority of the bank's capital is German, so customers can be confident that their funds are safe. Additionally, ProCredit Bank protects its depositors’ funds through the Deposit Insurance Fund.
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