As a modern and 100% automated bank, which continuously invests in developing new and innovative services for its clients, ProCredit Bank is introducing a new way of calculating prices for private individuals.
Set of Banking Services offers you professional banking service and many benefits. As a client of ProCredit Bank you will have personal Client Adviser, banking services according your needs and 24/7 bank through our Zone 24/7 and e-banking.
The set of banking services includes:
Opening and maintenance of current accounts you may need
Possibility for regular savings through the FlexSave option
One or several debit (international) cards that you can use for payments in the country and abroad, which can also be used for depositing or withdrawing money from your current accounts in MKD and EUR
Visa Internet card that can be used to process safe and secure online payments
SMS Notification for all transactions and payments of over MKD 500
Electronic Certificate and maintenance for e-banking
As an EXTRA benefit that you can enjoy, are the payments in MKD in the country which can be processed through e-banking WITHOUT FEE. This includes all payments for:
Utility services
Transfers to accounts in ProCredit Bank
Transfers  to accounts in other banks
This saves you a lot of time and money. Waiting in queues in utility companies will be replaced by a single click and the fee tfor each individual payment order can now be used for your personal purposes and enjoyment.
You can use our automated services in the Zone 24/7  to deposit and withdraw money from your current accounts in MKD and EUR at any time.
All of the services included in the set of banking services and the MKD payments through e-banking are available  for a monthly fee of MKD 120. The fee will be charged at the end of each calendar month. 

Note: For each service included in the Set of Banking Services there is an application required.  

  • EUR 61.35 61.4945 61.80
  • USD 51.90 53.1132 53.90
  • CHF 52.05 53.3020 54.65
  • GBP 68.85 69.9755 71.25
  • CNY 6.35 8.2044 8.35