People who monitor their account closely usually manage their finances more responsibly, ensure greater security and prevent the abuse of their funds and cards, and are better informed about services and benefits.
To provide you with better information on your funds, we recommend ProCredit’s SMS notification service.

What notifications will I receive?

  • When your account is credited (e.g. your salary or other income is paid in)
  • Information on payments from ATMs, payment terminals (POS) and online purchases with ammount >6000 MKD
  • The expiry date of your card
  • When your new card is ready for collection for our branch
  • Interest due on your deposit

There is possibility for additional SMS notifications for:

  • Domestic and international incomes on the Current Account for businesses and private individuals
  • Salary income/ Pension income
  • Payments with card with ammount >500 MKD

Fixed fee is charged for the service - additional SMS notifications according to the official pricelist of ProCredit Bank 

How can I activate SMS notifications?

  • EUR 61.35 61.4945 61.80
  • USD 51.90 53.1132 53.90
  • CHF 52.05 53.3020 54.65
  • GBP 68.85 69.9755 71.25
  • CNY 6.35 8.2044 8.35