Have you ever missed a payment deadline or forgotten to settle accounts? Let ProCredit Bank take care of your scheduled payments by activating a standing order. Standing orders are a simple, reliable and a fast way to pay regular bills and make other transfers directly from your bank account.

What can I use a standing order for?

  • Pay your bills for landline and mobile telephone calls 
  • Make regular monthly payments to your savings account 
  • Transfer funds to other people on a regular basis

What are the benefits of a standing order?

  • Settling accounts on time
  • Never forget to make payments to your monthly savings account
  • Simply and reliably meet obligations to transfer money to others 
  • Save your time and avoid waiting at branches
  • No commission on payments

What types of standing order can I activate at ProCredit Bank?

Standard standing order
Once you activate the standard standing order, the bank will transfer the agreed funds each month, on a set day, to the designated individual or firm.
Limited standing order
A limited standing order lets you specify the maximum amount that can be transferred from your account. If the amount of the standing order is higher than the amount you have set as a limit, the bank will not process the payment. 

How can I activate a standing order?

How can I be sure that the transfer has been completed?

  • If you use ProCredit’s Electronic Banking service, you can check the status of your account and view all the transactions
  • Check the status of your account and review transfers by contacting ProCredit’s Contact Centre on: 02/2 446 000
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