In order to provide our customers with better and more accessible services, ProCredit Bank has introduced 24/7 zones in our branches – areas which are open all day, every day. The 24/7 zones are open to customers outside of regular working hours, during the weekend and on holidays. ProCredit Bank customers can access the services in the areas with a valid debit or credit card.




You can use the Cash In and Cash Out ATMs to withdraw and deposit funds from your Current and Savings account in ProCredit Bank. Your debit card is multi currency card and can be  directly linked to max 8 current accounts.  The transactions will appear on your account as soon as they are performed. The service is available to individuals and legal entities. The machines accept denominations in 100, 500 and 1,000 MKD and  5,10,20,5,100,200 and 500 EUR. A maximum of 40/250 banknotes can be deposited in a single payment.

As part of all Zones 24/7 you can find Cash in/ Cash out ATM with EUR currency.


Info terminals provide electronic access to your accounts. You can use your USB token to make payments using our online banking system. 

The info terminal provides the following services: an overview and print out of your account statements, the status of your accounts, domestic payment operations, exchange rates, utility payments, transfers between personal accounts (e.g. from your transaction account to your savings account).



Businesses that have a larger daily turnover can deposit cash at any time in a deposit safe, which is emptied daily. Clients place cash in a special safety bag, which is provided by the bank and which has a unique barcode linked to the client’s account (the client takes a copy of the barcode in the event that monitoring is necessary). Clients will receive a unique magnetic card, which is used to open the safe door. The cash is then physically inspected by the bank, counted and deposited in the client’s account every day.



24/7 zones are equipped with phones that connect directly to the bank’s Contact Centre, where customers can find out more information about the services. The Contact Centre provides 24/7 technical support for the use of all automated services in the 24/7 zones.




The ATMs for depositing coins are ATMs on which you can make MKD deposits to you current or savings accounts. This ATM may be used by private and business clients for combined payments of coins and banknotes, as well as for making withdrawals from your accounts.
ATMs for depositing coins are located in a 24/7 Zone in Karposh 4, as part of the Head Office Building of ProCredit Bank and 24/7 Zone in Strumica.

Please check here the branch network for available Zones 24/7.